Monday, 12 February 2007

A mishmash of thoughts...

Forgive my ramblings today - yes, that's right, I'm apologizing in advance for what I know will be quite the scattered post before I even start writing it in earnest. It's been that kind of day! First, it's Monday, and we all know how I feel about Mondays. Second, I'm still exhausted from sleeping on the aforementioned crappy mattress. Third, work is crazy busy as I'm trying to cram a week's worth of work into today and tomorrow so I can actually rest my brain while we're moving, unpacking, etc. Fourth, I'm still in a good degree of physical pain from that painting stint, which always factors nicely into any equation. Fifth, I'm beginning to seriously stress out because we don't have enough boxes to complete our packing, and even though we have all of Wednesday to finish up, we're supposed to be up to our collective nipples in snow that day, which kinda makes the box run to the liquor store all that much more challenging.

Of course, the more stressed I get about these things, the more Hubs tries to calm me down and keep me 'grounded'. I swear, if he says 'you have to relax' one more time, I'm going to kick him in the nads. It's almost become a joke now in fact, since I pretty much told him not to say it to me anymore lest he desires tender testicles, so now he says it with a giggle and a protective hand over his crotch. Grrr....

He just doesn't understand my need to plan these things in advance. I like to evaluate a situation, decide how best to get us through it, then go that route. For example, today after work if I had my way, we would have gone to a moving supplies store (conveniently there's one less than five minutes away from here) to pick up an assortment of boxes for our packing pleasure. I mentioned as much to Hubs in an email earlier today but by the time I finally convinced him this might be a good idea (well after I got home - and hour later, I'd estimate) the store had already been closed for half an hour. Boooo....

He has an alternative, of course. I'll give him that much credit - when things derail (according to my tracks, that is) he has an uncanny ability to find a way to bring the train safely into the station. It might be late, it might be falling apart and all the seats in first class may be full...but at the end of the ride you still arrive at your destination relatively unscathed.

So the plan is for him to go out tomorrow and get the cursed boxes. Normally we've been getting our boxes for free from his workplace, but apparently there were slim pickings today. Here's hoping tomorrow's crop has a higher yield - I estimate we'll need another 30 boxes to get ourselves fully packed and ready to flee our downtown abode.

I just want it all to be over now. For the next three days to just blaze by in the equivalent of a mild sedative induced stupor (note: I have no idea what that's really like nor am I advocating abuse of medication by any stretch of the imagination - I just think it sounds like a great way to get through the fun that is a move). Since that's not really possible, I'm just going to have to suck it up and get down to business.

But let me tell you one thing - once the house is relatively unpacked and in a satisfactory state of being, my first order of business is to track and hunt a nice spa near our new home. This diva is jonesin for a mani/pedi/massage combo like a junkie needs her smack. Seriously - if you could have seen me this past weekend in my gray sweat pants, ripped and paint stained t-shirt, with bad non-styled hair and no lipstick, you might have canceled your subscription to my blog altogether. Made me trade in my tiara for a foam and mesh John Deere hat.

But fret not - this too shall pass. The manual labour is coming to an end, and I can get back to my 'real' life of diva splendor. Until it comes time for the first cleaning of the house. Now that we have twice as much space, there's twice as much space to clean. Hmmmm....maybe I should have though this through some more....

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

PS Thanks to all who sympathized with my cat piss musings. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in this regard. Well, glad for me, not for all of you who've also been through it as well. Hubs did the laundry the other day, and as a result of the comments on yesterday's post, I'm now concerned that the smell might not actually be out of the bedding as we'd hoped. One more thing to find out for good on Thursday! So many fun surprises to be had. Ta!

3 comments on "A mishmash of thoughts..."

Anonymous said...

I must tell Bruce you used the word "aforementioned" in your blog. Maybe when I tell him a WB Diva uses the word too, he'll ease up on me a, probably not.

On a packing note, if you can swing by the LCBO, they have good boxes. I'm sure my neighbours think we're alcoholics because as things get unpacked, the liquor store boxes go out with the recycling.


Anonymous said...

I completely sympathize with the mani/pedi/massage need! Theresa's Touch in Whitby ( is awesome, my friends and I all swear by her... A little pricy, but you definitely deserve it!

On a different note, I grew up in Whitby so any questions you may have, fire away! I love that city...

Jess Walsh (

IrishGrl said...

If the smell is not compeletly out the cats have a crazy nose and will think that is "their spot" and probably go again there. That's why it is so important to get that smell out. In the past my cats have peed on various things, mostly when they are pissed off at me. A bathmat, a jacket, a towel etc. It rarely happens but each time it does I have to throw the item out. It's frustrating and the worst (other than claw marks everywhere) thing about owning a cat! But I'd rather throw it out than smell that gross pee smell!!!




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