Saturday, 24 February 2007

A suburban Saturday

Errands 'R Us, that's the name of the game this weekend. So little time to get things done during the week that we're forced to cram it all into these two blessed days away from the office.

Perhaps the scariest moment of the entire day came when I woke up, on my own, at 7 am. Now in our previous place, I NEVER woke up at 7am, not without the assistance of the dreaded alarm clock. And here I am, one week into my new commuter schedule, waking up naturally well in advance of my traditional Saturday morning sleep in time.

What on earth is becoming of me? Not able to take full advantage of my glorious weekend sleeps when they're 99% of what gets me through the week in the first place kinda has me unsettled. God only knows what tomorrow will bring! If the trend continues, I'll be up and out of bed before the stinking sun gets up!

Anyway, enough about early rising. I will say that the combination of getting up early and a telephone call from my aunt and uncle who live very close by saying they wanted to stop by in about 45 minutes really got my diva butt in gear. Quick shower, quick lotion slathering/makeup applying/clothing selection rituals, and then they're here. It's great having more family so close by, especially when they're kind enough to pop over and bring housewarming presents!

Once they left, Hubs, DeeDee and I piled in the car and began our running around. We hit, in this order, Linens N Things (new towels for DeeDee's bathroom, vanity stool for me - surprise!, and a second set of sheets for our bedroom at a huge steal), Homesense (oooh too many fab finds to list - they have fantastic spring/easter stuff, I got a decorative plate, piece of art and vase and flowers for the much more), Zellers (cup and toothbrush holder for DeeDee's bath, coat rack for the basement, a Dora cup for my nephew, pop (4 for $5 - yippee!), Chapters (four more books for me now that I'm a GO train girl - more about these later), and Canadian Tire (cable so DeeDee can watch tv in her room, chain to install the pot rack, screws to put up the CD rack, and other not at all exciting Canadian Tire crap). Quite the day, would you not agree? Yeesh!

The one thing that alluded us yet again? We're looking for a small, narrow table for our entranceway. Light to medium coloured wood, under $100. In the old place, we had our marble sofa table against the wall, but it looks so much better in our dining room that it was a no brainer to look for something new. Now it's the kitchen table hunt all over again!! Blast it! I can tell you that I've looked for something in all of the stores mentioned above and then some...and nothing, nada, zip - a big, fat goose egg! Argh. My frustration mounts.

Once we got home it was task time yet again. This poor diva was put to work assisting with the cable installation (involved drills and staple guns - fun!!!), washing the new sheets and towels, finally getting the *&(&*^(&*ing CD rack up, putting photos and art up...and yeah, I guess that was about it. Mostly because now that the CD rack is up, there's but one box in our living room, and it's got all the stuff that SHOULD now be sitting on a nice new hall table. But alas...sigh.

Domestication fully set in as we ordered pizza and argued about what movie we were going to watch. The food arrived as we were still trying to decide, so we ended up sticking with Dumb and Dumber for the love of god. Please let this not be a sign of things to come. Not that there's anything wrong with Dumb and Dumber per se, but you know things are bad when you're watching it on a channel that dubs everything and cuts out all the good fart scenes. Blech.

10pm has come and gone and everyone else has gone to bed. Yep, you read that right - DeeDee headed up an hour ago, and Hubs wasn't soon after her. Must be all this country air, getting us right tuckered out.

Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day. We've tossed around the idea of going to the AutoShow, there's supposed to be a huge storm which will make our trip to take DeeDee back to her mom completely delightful, and the Oscars are on which means a rather late night but some good fashion watching. Me loves poking fun at the really nasty outfits. Meow - saucer of milk, table two!!

Before I shuffle myself off to bed, let me tell you about at least one of the books I got today. It's by an author I love - Stacey Ballis. Believe it or not, I'm a huge fan of chicklit, and Stacey really fits the bill. I relate to her characters sooooo much, I hope this new book (Room for Improvement, it's called) lives up to my imposed hype. I'll be sure to come back and let you know! A diva simply must share her fabulous finds with her friends.

Finally - Tiffany, Dan should be getting home right about now (blogger timestamps the time you start a post, not when you officially publish it, so it's now actually 11). I'm so excited for you - hope his homecoming is fantastic and well worth the wait. And can't wait to hear about all the loot he brought you back from Afghanistan and beyond!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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