Tuesday, 13 February 2007

It's the eve of VD...

and the countdown is on! Not to Valentine's Day per se...although I will shamelessly admit that I am looking forward to it this year. Funny, this is only the second time I've celebrated the grand VD with Hubs - we 'broke up' the day before in what was our first year dating. Nice eh? But that's long in the past, completely forgotten. Can't you tell? Hehe....no seriously. It's allll good now, and that's what counts.

Where was I? Actually being able to celebrate VD is relatively new to Hubs too. While he was in a long term relationship with Sludge, she didn't celebrate the day because she spent it in mourning for her niece that died on that day. Totally understandable, actually - not exactly cause for celebration in anyone's books.

So the whole VD celebration thing was new to both of us, really. Last year he took me out for a beautiful romantic dinner and this year - we're up to our elbows in cardboard, tape and dust. No big romantic dining experiences in our immediate future, but this diva is willing to sacrifice being wined and dined for the big move into our new home. We can always go for dinner this weekend or something and celebrate in style when there's lots to celebrate - and the dinner itself is half the price and you don't necessarily need a stinkin reservation.

He is driving me crazy though by taunting me with my pressie. It's currently sitting in a beautiful pink bag on top of the now bare entertainment unit. I think watching me sweat as I'm forced to wait until tomorrow is sweet sweet pleasure for him. My presents for him are sitting in a plastic bag in our bedroom, patiently awaiting assembly. Yes, I've been a trifle preoccupied these days, and the VD pressie hunt has unfortunately been relegated to back of the bus status. I know he'll like what I got him, but I still feel that I didn't really have enough time to put my true heart and soul into the search for the perfect giftie. And that makes me a wee bit sad, but I'll get over it once I see the smile on his face from the card, his favourite chocolates, the stuffed gorilla and car magazine subscription I got for him. All small things but good ones, I reckon. Hopefully he reckons right along with me!

So how about this snow? Yeesh! We haven't even been hit nearly as badly as so many of the lakeshore communities, but dag. That's some serious snow. Figures it would happen right as I go on holidays to move. Here's my question - if it is a snow day tomorrow and my workplace closes, does my already booked off day still count as a vacation day, or should I push to have it re-coded? I'm heading for re-coding, but realize of course that I'm getting waaay ahead of myself...it's not even bedtime yet! Always the planner I am. But seriously, I could really use that day back if snow does shut the universe down - I'd much rather make good use of it one long weekend in the summer, ya know? We shall see, we shall see.

Figures that it's snowing like crazy today and tomorrow. We still have our storage closet, dishes, glassware, and clothes to pack. And you'll never guess what - we're out of boxes. Yep, that's right. Out of boxes. Just like I said we would be. Even though Hubs brought more from work today and actually went to buy a whole whack of them - we're out.

So now we have to venture out in the aforementioned (that's for you, Leanne) snowstorm to wrassle up some cardboard. Good times...can you think of anything more romantic for Valentine's day? I thought not.

But in the long run it's all a means to an end. Hard to believe that this is our second last sleep in this apartment. Giggles and Stompy were really whooping it up tonight around 9 - in clonky heels and everything, clicking around, up and down the stairs, and then they went out. How anyone could survive snow like this in the kind of footwear they had to be sporting to make all that noise is beyond me. But in a mere 33 more hours, none of their bull will mean a damned thing to me. And I like it juuuust fine.

I'm sleepy again today - very busy days at work, trying to cram a week's worth of stuff into two days does tax the brain and the daily schedule, but I survived and got what needing doing done. So now I can sleep and pack and trudge through snow and yes, maybe even watch a bit of trashy tv with a guilt free conscience. And the best part - my fantastic hubby is right here with me.

What a guy - he just looked at the clock, looked at me, and said Happy Valentine's Day (it's currently 12:21 am). So cute. Smoochy smoochy and all that, then he says, do you want your present now? Uh, yeah! But no, I'll hold on until morning. A diva should attempt to display patience and restraint every once in a while. Keeps 'em guessing and wondering what the hell you're up to.

But in all sincerity I can and must wait for morning - 'cause his present isn't ready to go yet! Damned competing priorities! So now, while he finishes his boxing round on the xbox, I'm gonna go get everything assembled so it'll be ready come morning. Anything to speed up getting that pretty pink bag into my hot little hands!

Happy VD, everyone! May your day be filled with all good things. Like chocolate. And/or whatever else makes you happy.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day! Thanks for the shout-out ;) I'm such a geek :)

Can't wait to hear what was in the pink bag...unless of course it's personal :0! in which case you can just allude to it.




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