Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Routine is overrated...

or is it? I gotta tell you, this past week has been one test of my mental and emotional fortitude after another. The insanity of the move itself (did I mention it cost TWICE what the moving company estimated? Yeah, that's right - twice. I almost barfed) was enough to throw me into orbit, but the unpacking, the setting up, the issues with drywall and whatever the hell is behind it that's making it impossible to install my beautiful mirror in my vanity area - these are but a few tiny things that are making me totally lose my mind.

I don't sleep much, I'm grouchy, I'm irritable with Hubs (poor guy), I just get snarky at any little thing that doesn't go my way, I'm stressed getting adjusted to my new commuter status (mostly because of the schedule - the actual ride ain't bad at all), and hell, I haven't blogged daily in well over a week.

Can you tell I'm ready for all this stuff to just be behind us so we can get on to the real living? This diva wants to ENJOY her castle for the love of god, not toil in it endlessly like some wench who drew the short straw in the great cosmic lottery. Grr...

I realize that yes, this too shall pass, all will get unpacked and settled, and despite everything we've actually done a freakin good job at getting all set up for the amount of time we've physically taken up residence between these four walls.

But christ on crackers, have I not toiled enough? Have we not paid our dues? Sheesh. Maybe this weekend will be a bit better...

DeeDee's with us as of Friday, so tonight we had to put her bed together so she's got a place to rest her head. And of course, Leon's sent us the wrong bed...well, not wrong entirely, just not completely right. We ordered her a trundle bed - you know, the ones that have an extra twin bed stored underneath the main one that you can pull out and snap up to become a second, separate bed - but they sent us the daybed version of it. Ugh. Again, totally not a huge deal. DeeDee still has a place to sleep, it's a bed we like and that goes well with the room, but shit, it's not what we ordered. And that pisses me right the hell off. What was the number one reason we bought that bed over another one we were looking at? The trundle-ness of it all. And now, alas, we are trundle-less. Buggers.

To top it all off, Hubs has to go to Windsor to do training tomorrow, which means that he might not be home tomorrow night and I'll have to be alone in the house, all by myself, without him, for the first time in a very, very long time. Like, since May of last year when Hubs was in Vegas. Yeesh. To some of you, this may not seem like a big deal AT ALL but to me, it's huge. I've gotten pretty used to having him around and I sure do like him a whole lot (teehee) so this is gonna be pretty darn weird.

And finally, to add to my seemingly endless litany of complaints, I have a huge meeting at work tomorrow that I can't wait to have over and done with. Hell, I can't wait to have this week over and done with - and it was a short one to start of with! Is it summer yet? I could sure use a long weekend here and there to look forward to!

Despite everything, I must say that I'm totally digging our new digs. Even thought it might take me a bit longer to get to work in the morning, when I come home at night it's a totally different feeling than the apartment ever was. And that totally rocks. Having all this space to actually display our fantastic wedding spoils, pictures, clothes (hehehehehehe - I'm looooving all these closets) and to just be makes all the difference in the world.

So I'll do my best and suck it up for the next few days until we get into our groove and are more firmly established. Things will get better, this I most certainly know - but I sure as shit don't have to like the current state of affairs, ya know? Check back tomorrow to see if anything has changed.

Ta ta!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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