Sunday, 25 February 2007

Missions Accomplished!

Well, it's Sunday, the Oscars are on, and we managed to get sooo many things done today, I can barely contain myself.

First, we had breakfast at Denny's. Yummy. Yes, this was my big indulgence of the weekend. And quite silly, considering I stepped on the scale today for the first time since about a week before the move...and was shocked to see that I'd actually LOST weight despite all the crap you inevitably eat during the transition from home a to home b. How to celebrate? French toast, of course!! Probably not the best, most rational decision, but hey - a diva needs her syrup fix every once in a while, ya know? I have the whole week coming up to be good, behave and eat well. It's all uphill from here. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.

From there, the hall table hunt was on again. We tried six other furniture stores and yet again, nothing. Went into Pier 1, looked at every freaking table they had, and left with a chandelier.

Yes, you read that right...a chandelier.

One thing this house was missing is a light fixture of any definition in our dining room. There's nothing there - not a lamp, a crappy fixture we can take out and replace - nothing. We've been keeping our eyes out for the past little while to see if anything struck our fancy, but it hasn't been priority number one (hall table is number one, in case you skip entire entries or just a few paragraphs). And the lack of existing light fixture meant we needed to find something that could plug into the wall (surprisingly difficult, you'd actually be surprised) and our find today could not be more perfect.

Now, this photo does not do this glorious chandelier any justice whatsoever, but I feel that I must share it with you all. Feast your eyes on this...

It's surprisingly light, made of plastic, but 'tinkels' like glass does. Again, looks like nothing special here, but as soon as I get it up and photos taken, I'll be sure to show it off in it's natural habitat.

Sigh....this is what's become of me. I cream my panties over things like plastic light fixtures. I derive great pleasure from finally getting my curtains up. I twitter with anticipation as I enter one more store in the hunt for the perfect hall table, because this just might be the place we'll finally find it. Bah, this too shall pass I suppose, once we're pretty much settled and the 'mains' have been purchased. But until then, I'm as excited about what goes inside the bedroom as I am about what goes on inside the bedroom. Not sure if that's sad or fab. Then again, how can there be anything wrong with getting twice your regular dash of orgasms?

Tee hee.

Anywho, woo! Gettin steamy up in here.

To completely change tracks and to put your minds at ease, we did manage to come up with a creative solution to our hall table conundrum. Yep, we're pretty smart that way. Didn't find a table, but instead hopped over to our local IKEA and bought a LACK bracket free shelf in black and stuck it in the wall. Then we got a black towel rack and some hooks, and installed that below the shelf for my purses, umbrellas, Hubs' ball know, the stuff in your house that needs hangin'.

And it looks pretty darned good. We're both happy, our shit has a place to go when we get home, and the last box has finally been relegated to the basement - so I'm tickled pink.

Speaking of which, I bough a new pink bag today - needed something bigger to haul all my stuff via GO train, and was sick of a bag and a purse etc etc etc. So we shall test it out tomorrow and see how it all comes together.

So there's my update for the day, dear readers. Hope your weekend was fabulous and that the next one comes right damned quick for us all.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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