Saturday, 13 January 2007

Finally! A diva-worthy Saturday.

Too often lately my weekends have been full of doctor's office visits, time in the car, non-fun shopping trips, house-related nauseating errands, and jaunts to Wal Mart. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hunt at my local WM, but not every weekend. For the love of god, I need a little variety in my shopping destinations! Ya feeling me? I'm sure you are.

Today, my friends, was divine. While I may not have slept in as I truly love to do, this lovely Saturday deserved to see me up and about at 8am. Well, it was supposed to be 8am, but a few well directed slaps to the snooze button allowed me to indulge my sleepy ways for an extra half hour, and at 8:30 I shuffled off to the shower and began the daily cleansing ritual. Btw, I love the smell of Body Shop coconut soap in the morning. Did you get that? Take notes...this is good stuff. And there's more to come.

We have DeeDee again for the weekend, so once the three of us were presentable and ready to head out, we were on the road. We piled into our wee Kia and, since I decided to straighten my hair this morning and ate into valuable breakfast dining time, we caught a quick breaky at McD's. Very healthy, I know, but alas.

Then it was down to The Ten Spot for a very well deserved and extremely long overdue manicure with my good friend JBJ. We went to grad school together and while we both lead very busy lives, we are committed to getting together and indulging our diva selves in one of the truly decadent indulgences out there...having someone else be responsible for the filing, shaping, soaking, and polishing of your fingernails. Ah, to sit, chat, gossip, catch up, then saddle out of there all sparkly like (from the wrists down, at least!) is a fantastic way to start or end a day.

JBJ was off to work later in the day - she works way too hard, yet promised me today that things are getting better - but she did have some extra time on hand so I invited her to join me on my shopping expedition to Come As You Are. She said sure, as long as I went with her to Rommi Wools. And there's the difference between JBJ and I - I'm heading down the street to buy some good lube, and she needs to get some more wool for the shawl she's knitting for her aunt's 60th birthday present. Love her!

So she finds her wool, and on we shuffle to the sex shop. I think poor JBJ is traumatized at the prospect. Not that she's a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but she and I have this running joke over our five years of manicures together - she gets the Antique Rose coloured polish, and I get the onces named Wicked and After get the point. So we toodle around, I find the special lube I need (Hubs and I are trying to get knocked up and this 'PreSeed' (sperm friendly lube) is supposed to do the trick - yet is very hard to find) and I shamelessly dare JBJ to take some melon flavoured O'My home to her hubby. She rises to the challenge (I'm so proud, and no pun intended). To her husband I simply say, you're welcome. :) I've attached a visual for those of you wanting to follow along at home - I told you to bring a pen and paper.

A few other little treats later and we're back out on Queen Street, enjoying the sunshine and not quite ready to part ways so we head down to the Gypsy Coop for some lunch. It's gone! So sad. But never one to be deterred by a simple 'for lease' sign, we pop into the cute place next door and proceed to enjoy a lovely lunch/brunch. It's great to just be out with a fantastic friend, catching up, drinking yummy coffee.

Lunch over, we head into one of my fave stationary stores in search of the perfect pink notepad for me to take to work. I have no luck, but she scores something and we're off to Starbucks. More coffee!! has simply been too long since I've indulged in my grande lactaid one splenda latte. I grab it from the bar, then head outside where Hubs and DeeDee await my return. Kisses and hugs to JBJ (poor thing heads off to work) and we're off for the second half of the day.

A trip to Shoppers Drug Mart and Costco later, the three of us then head off to see a movie (Happily N'Ever After - crap). All things considered, a wonderfully indulgent day, a 9.5 on the diva scale. I highly recommend it to you all.

And it's not over yet - once DeeDee is in bed, I'll re-examine the spoils I purchased earlier today, and, well...some things are probably best left un-blogged. But use that imagination, girlies. Then go have some fun of your own!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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chippamunkey on 14 January 2007 at 11:35 said...

Hey ms. Toronto. I caught your blog link from Weddingbells. Sounds like you had quite the day. I am always the one dragging friends into weird stores... thanks for the lube suggestion... maybe I will check that out! haha.

Anonymous said...


Hi there,
I stumbled upon your blog while surfing around one night, and I don’t normally comment, especially when I don’t even know you but I felt compelled.
I grew up with a single mom, and I just hope, I really, really hope your stepdaughter never comes across your blog. If I was 9yrs old, and found my stepmother had been bad mouthing my mom like you have been – I’d be devastated.
The way you refer to her mother as “Sludge,” the extremely personal information about her you’ve divulged to the world (ie. Cancer, losing her mother, her age, facing eviction!?!?!). I think it’s in very poor taste, very negative and very immature.
I think you’re missing the entire point of a blog, and confusing it with a personal diary. I question if your husband is aware you’re writing these things about his ex-wife. You’re newly married right? Shouldn’t you be more focused on being happy? It seems like you’re battling these personal inner demons, (HPV, STD, weight, food, the girls upstairs, the ex-wife, the step-daughter’s infection and how it “took 30mins you’ll never get back again”). The list goes on and on. It sounds like you got a husband who loves you – why not just focus on what makes you happy in life instead of focusing on what pisses you off. A true diva doesn’t let trivial things get her down. I think the reason why your health is poor is because your mindset it in the wrong place. I don’t know girl I think you have a great theme and a great idea and a cute signature – I think you should be more cautious about who and what you’re writing about. What good are you going to get out of the things you write about other people? Plus you posted your picture. I don’t know I think you’re treading on thin ice here. Good luck in the future with all you’ve got going on.

divajen on 14 January 2007 at 22:48 said...

Responding to anonymous. You're right, you don't know me, and I don't know you so let's not get all silly about this, shall we? I won't presume to judge you and hey, why don't you step down off your soapbox and please refrain from judging me and telling me I should be writing about happy things. Life is not all about happy things! If your life is all sunshine and roses, congrats. Write your own blog.

Next. I grew up with a stepmother who bad mouthed my mother TO MY FACE, so me venting on a blog where, if you look at the blog itself, there is nothing whatsoever that is linked to my real identity (my blog is linked to another website where my photo is posted - but it ain't nowhere here) is nothing compared to the damage I could be doing if I was as evil as your comment makes me out to be.

Blogs are what you make them and I think if you look around you'll find that a lot of people use their blog as a substitute diary, and I am no exception.

My husband is very aware that this blog exists and reads every post. He's free to have his own opinions as are you - he just happens to side with me.

As for all my 'inner demons' and the fact that my mental attitude is what's making my health poor, to that I'd really like to say f-u, but I won't, because according to you, divas don't let trivial things get them down. Thanks for the tip, oh mighty diva master. And by the way, if you think any of those things you mentioned are trivial, then perhaps it's you who has a warped view of the world.

Read, don't read, it's your choice. But know that what you don't know, the things you don't read, greatly outweigh what you see on the page. I'm actually a pretty decent person who has been nothing but supportive of my stepdaughter and have bent over backwards to help her mother to no avail. So I use a blog to vent my frustrations to the world - no one has a CLUE who these people are...I don't post anything even resembling their names.

Interesting - kinda like you.

I realize that by putting my life and opinions out in the great cyber open I'm bound to get dissenting opinions and I'm totally okay with that. But for all the reasons above and about a gazillion more, your 'anonymous' post really ticked me off today. Just so you know.




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