Sunday, 14 January 2007

Props to my girl, amongst other things.

So as promised I did get my sleep in this morning. A bit abbreviated, thanks to DeeDee knocking on our door at 8am, but we managed to eek out an hour or more of sleep thanks to the tv in her room, a banana and a glass of milk. Bribery rocks.

Today was pretty laid back, all things considered. Lots to look forward to - 24 starts again tonight (damned football is pre-empting my long awaited reunion with Jack Bauer....soon Jack, soon...), and the possibility of a big snowstorm looming over our heads and the snow day that might accompany it has me all a twitter. But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

This afternoon we decided to go and paint ceramics - DeeDee was totally into it, and I'm always game for an arts and crafts project. Well, all things in moderation, I say. We headed north, we painted (I painted a dish with a crown at the bottom - my 'diva dish' if you will. It's pink...what a surprise), and we took DeeDee home. Stopped at our favourite pub near the airport and had yummy wings (bad for me, sooo bad, but sooo good), then it was a race home to be sure butts were firmly planted in front of the telly for the triumphant return of Jack. And here we are.

Meanwhile, somewhere in (hopefully sunny) Phoenix, Arizona, one of my bestest friends CJ was gearing up for a huge day - something she'd been working and training for for months. You see CJ, an athelete but not traditionally a runner, decided she wanted to do something big, something meaningful in her life, so she joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training and signed on to do a half marathon. In Pheonix. In January. She'd never run before - ever. She plays soccer and hits the gym on a regular basis, but to her own admission, she's no runner. And now she was going to run over 21 kms, all at once.

Oh yeah - and she also had to raise more than $5,500 for the opportunity. Eek!

So here we are on Sunday, January 14th and it's race day. She's down there in Arizona with her boyfriend who went along for moral support and a little sunshine - and she did it! I got a text message with a great photo, all smiley and happy, with her race bib and her medal for finishing the race. I'm so happy for her - this was a huge undertaking, months of training, hours upon hours of fundraising, stressing over how it would all come together and now she's all done! Snaps to her for setting a goal, working hard and seeing it through. She should be very proud of herself, as I am of her.

I have great respect for you runners out there - my knees groan at the thought of having to run for the freakin bus, let alone keep going for another 21 kms. So to CJ today I say - congrats on an incredible feat! And to everyone else out there thinking they can't do something, never sell yourself short. Six months ago CJ would have laughed at the thought of running a half marathon - and today, she has the hardware to prove that she can! Rock on, sister friend!

And that your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Props to my girl, amongst other things."

Anonymous said...

That's amazing she could run the 21 km. Just thinking about it makes me wheeze!!! A couple of months ago I only managed to make it up to about 20 minutes of straight running on the treadmill before that nasty stitch in my side would rear its ugly head. Props to her! What a great accomplishment. Gives me some motivation to get my butt in week though :o) Have to go to Mexicantown next Saturday for dinner and it's about 500 lbs of mexican food.'s gym Monday! Yee Haw. (Eek!)

Marlene on 15 January 2007 at 15:14 said...

That's a fantastic achievement. Good for her and thanks for sharing! I recently started running and let me tell you, I don't see myself even daydreaming about a half marathon any time soon! But hey, maybe I'll go for it one day!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's JMaddy from WB!!

Just wanted to say that I *LOVE* your blog! It's one of the first pages I open when I get to work in the morning (the first one is US weekly. I need my daily dose of celebrity trash!).

Keep up the diva-ing!!!!




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