Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Time crawls when you're back from vacation...

It's Wednesday. Yes, only Wednesday. Hump day. Still 2.5 days of the week before we glide grinning like mad people into the weekend. Ah, Friday at 5pm is one of my favourite times. 'Cause it's the longest time before more work.

As I've penned before, I do love my job. I find it energizing, refreshing, challenging, and very rewarding. But I really must be self-motivated to get things done, and I must say, at this very moment I reallllly have to push myself to make sure I keep my head in the game. There are sooo many things going on right now - especially with the upcoming residential relocation - that at times it's hard to keep one's eye on the proverbial ball from 9-5.

To top it off - I'm tired. Just sleepy. I think this whole non-winter is getting to me. All the darkness with none of the snow drama. Don't get me wrong, I am most certainly not praying for snow - no siree - I like walking to work in my leather shoes, not strapping on the sorry excuse for boots Roots co-erced me into buying a few years ago. But getting up when it's dark and leaving work when it's dark really does take a toll. As fellow weddingbeller Corrie said - I'm just not a winter person. I can't freakin wait until spring!

Spring's my favourite season, it truly is. The air is crisp, the snow is melting, and there's the faint scent of crap in the air as the grass and other assorted vegetation struggles to come to life once again. Kinda like me, without the crap scented goodness, though. I always smell sweet! Aqualina Pink Sugar, thank you very much. But I digress.

I feel as though I go through my own re-birth come spring (in the most non-existential way, that is - no fru fru gobbledy gook for me) and the real me is set free yet again. I wish I could hibernate during winter, just sleep through it all, and wake up refreshed and energized in April, my paycheques kindly deposited in my bank account desipite my lack of attendance at work, and all household bills conveniently paid so I can still enjoy my gold card after my long winter's nap. I'd need some new clothes for spring, especially since I didn't really eat for months so I must have lost some weight during my sleep....this is sounding better and better as I type, no?

But alas, I can't hibernate. Can't just disappear for the winter, as much as I'd like to. Maybe someday, when I'm old and retired, Hubs and I will jet down to Florida to hang out with all the other Canadians fleeing winter. Ahhhhh....someday. Guess I'd better start increasing the ole RRSP contributions if I want that to materialize. Damned realism.

But what a pleasant mini-mental-journey I just took myself on! I had a nice nap, did some shopping, and saw spring all in a few paragraphs! If only it were that easy.

Until then, I guess I just sit here, continue to toil away, and count the days until spring officially arrives. Meh, that's too far away, too depressing. Instead, let's just count the days until the weekend. 2.5 and counting! Hopefully the second half of the week goes by faster than the first! Bring on the weekend!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

4 comments on "Time crawls when you're back from vacation..."

Anonymous said...

Hey there divajen!! I just have to say i love your blog!! It's cute and funny, well written and hilariously light. Glad I found it :)

Marlene on 10 January 2007 at 17:30 said...

I too have been loving your daily dash blog!

I am right there with you on the whole non-wniter business. I hate snow, but this snow-less darkness is so dreary and depressing.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I look forward to reading more of it.

Diva on, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Hello Divajen...

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Oh how you make me laugh.

From one WB'er to another...






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