Friday, 26 January 2007


You know what that first f is for.

Wowie, what a week it's been. I'm quite glad it's over, truth be told. Too much working and doing stuff and packing, and not enough sleep. Ah looking forward to the prospect of sleeping in tomorrow.

So, did you like that snow today? Awesome...just in time for the evening commute home. And of course, today is the one day I decided not to wear my boots. Guess I didn't pay enough attention to the weather forecast this morning. Blech.

At least it ended on a high note - the visit to my fantabulous hair dresser David. Got a great cut and a lovely colour upgrade. Closer to my natural colour (say it isn't so!) with some buttery highlights around the face. And, as always, I got to vent about all the crap in our lives, and show off the photos of our new house. David and Lisa [his lovely and talented assistant, who has excellent taste in music (Journey rocks!!)] truly are better than most in the 'tell me your troubles' department. They listen, make the right I'm-paying-attention noises, and remember the details of your woes when you show up for your next appointment months later. Pretty damned impressive.

What is it about your trusty hairdresser that provokes the verbal avalanche? Hairdressers really do seem to know all about they teach psych while they're waiting for their test colours to set in beauty school? Or is it just something inherent in the personalities of those that chose a life of scissors? Are all hair professionals destined to be great listeners? Talk amongst yourselves...

DeeDee is with us this weekend. She found a way to book yet another half day off school by complaining that she wasn't feeling well, so of course Sludge let her come home. Second or third day this week. It's wonder that child learns anything at all, she's so rarely there. She's feeling just fine now of course. She's off in la la land, fast asleep for her last weekend in this apartment.

She's got a birthday party to go to tomorrow close to where she lives. So poor Hubs has to make that drive three days in a row. Crappy. And of course, Sludge didn't mention anything about this, so it comes as a surprise to us all. What DOESN'T come as a surprise is that she expects us to buy the birthday present for this kid before the party tomorrow. Who didn't see THAT coming? I called that one from a mile away.

So looks like another trip to WalMart tomorrow. And Hubs and I have to find a way to kill two hours in craptastic 'burbville. Goodie. It's not like we have any packing to do, or anything like that. Argh.

Ah well. You take the lumps life gives you, I suppose. Poor kid didn't have any say in when the party was going to be, and just because it falls on a weekend when she's with dad doesn't mean she should have to give it up. Trying to maintain a sense of normalcy on these weekends here is only going to get more challenging as she gets older and her friends want to do things on weekends. Guess we should be thankful for this dedicated time now - 'cause it's only gonna get uglier as time goes on! So much to look forward to. I remember how much fun it was for me when I was a kid in this situation. Ah, how ignorance really is bliss when you're nine.

It's after 11 and as I've said all week, I'm pretty sleepy so I'll bid you all a fond farewell. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend, and I'm sending you all happy sleep-in vibes. I'd appreciate it if you could kick some back - I have a feeling we'll be awakened by the knocking of a wee 9 year old sometime around 8 am. Goodie for me.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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Shoe_Gal said...

You're so good and patient with Dee Dee. She's really lucky to have you.

Hope you had a good sleep. :-)




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