Thursday, 25 January 2007

Stockbrokers and apps and beer...oh my...

Another tough day in my work life. Had a busy one generally speaking, my frozen lunch entree brought for lunch was total crap so I threw it out, then I had to leave around 4 to go with my boss to say thank you to a group of stockbrokers that were donating some money to us. Yawn...just another day in the life. Poor me.

Stockbrokers...yes, it really is what you see in the movies and on tv. Testosterone central, ladies. You walk onto the trading floor and the pheromones dang near knock you back against the wall. Man oh man. That's what it was - wall to wall men. Almost overwhelming at times, kinda like looking directly at the sun on a brilliant blue sky day. You just can't look too long 'cause your retinas start to burn. But it sure is fun to test your limits!

What a den of frenetic activity - all yelling and screaming and rapid gesticulations of the hand. Kinda like baseball signals, but with a vocal track laid over top. How these guys (and I say this because there is ONE woman working there - ONE) do it on a day to day basis we just couldn't fathom. Hell, WHAT they do on a day to day basis was beyond our comprehension, and we're a couple of very smart gals, if I do say so myself! One of the more comedic moments involved a rep from another charity attempting to explain to us ladies what was going down. Uh, nice try buddy. Really, valiant effort. Just smile and take your cheque and no one will get hurt.

At the close of the market, the gang did what every seasoned veteran of buying and selling multi-millions of dollars worth of something each and every hour does: head to the bar for a pint. Why I never considered a career in stockbrokering I'll never know. I blame my guidance counsellor. Obviously she didn't take enough time to really get to know me and my skills.

It was a really great group of people at this reception. More women (reps from other charities) arrived en masse, the booze flowed freely, and the apps were plentiful. Watching my intake as I am, I was somewhat relieved to see the first tray to make the rotation contained veggies and healthy-esque stuff. Relief! I wouldn't be tempted too much, but could actually have a snackie since I was a tad peckish.

I should have known it was all a trick, a clever rouse, deception at its finest. 'Cause before I could finish grinding down the last bite of carrot stick - out came the spring rolls. Then the crab cakes. And bruschetta. And fresh, hot, homemade potato chips. With a delightful dip. And cocktail weenies. I kid you not - cocktail weenies. On toothpicks. How can you resist a cocktail weenie? I couldn't, I simply had to sample, mostly because I knew it would likely be years before I'd have the opportunity to sample a cocktail weenie again, and I didn't want to look back on tonight and feel regret for not seizing the weenie.

I did pretty well, all things considered. Didn't go off the rails entirely, but had a snack or two. Managed to keep my alcohol units down to two (technically one and a half, as my second drink was a white wine spritzer), shook some hands, met some people, smiled when the boss picked up the cheque from our benefactors, then said my goodbyes, hopped in a cab, and slid through my front door shortly after 7pm.

Then we had to spend an hour with the insurance broker guy, getting our policies set up. That was not fun, and I will not bore you with the non-funness in my life my dear readers. You deserve so much more than that.

And now, here we are at bedtime. Another busy day tomorrow, then it's off to see my favourite hairdresser and get a complete overhaul. Very exciting. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun things to report tomorrow after our visit. If nothing else, at least the gray hairs will be gone and I'll feel slightly more like my diva self.

And for the Grey's Anatomy fans, here's my prediction: Christina yes, Callie no. Take THAT to the bank. Or your friendly neighbourhood stockbroker...whatever's easiest.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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Marlene on 26 January 2007 at 12:14 said...

Mmmm! Weenies!!

Ditto on the Grey's predictions.




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