Thursday, 4 January 2007

Today's daily dash - I need more princess moments...

Howdy, y'all. No, I'm not from Texas, it just seemed like a decent greeting for the day. Acceptable? Good.

So...I took today off work. I slept in in true diva fashion, although I must issue a slight complaint to my ridiculous neighbours who live above us. I'm sure they're lovely ladies, I really am - but they are the loudest, stompiest duo of gals you'd never want to meet. In fact, I never have met them, really. One of them poked her head in our car window one day (very un-diva like, I might add) and apologized for keeping us up the night before. But the other one is like Polkaroo to us. Heard (definitely heard) but never seen. Mystery, indeed.

They're both students. Blech. Granted, they're Master's students, but apparently that doesn't give them enough smarts to take their pointy, high heeled shoes off before tromping through their apartment directly above our heads. This diva does not take kindly to superfluous clatter. And to make matters worse, like all students, they're off this week too, 'cause school doesn't start again until Monday. So every night there's music and clomping and giggling and...I could go on, but why tire out my tender fingertips for the likes of them? (I'm feeling quite southern tonight, can you tell? It's almost like the entirety of this post should be read in a drawl. Y'all feelin' me?)

But I digress. See what these girlies do to me? Two whole paragraphs dedicated solely to Giggles and Stompy. Shudder. Thank goodness this diva and her increasingly disgruntled hubby have but a mere 33 sleeps 'til we move out of this noise infested hole (it's actually a pretty nice place, hardwood floors, two beds two baths, jacuzzi,'s just stinkin noisy. And the neighbourhood's not great...people getting shot and robbed and killed just a few streets away. More than once. Time to go!) and into our beautiful new (to us) home. Sigh...but can I survive that month?

Back to my day. So after waking up from my loooong diva nap, it was right down to business. Make breakfast, fire up a cup o' java on the Tassimo, and sit back to watch some HGTV for inspiration. And on comes a 'clean your closet' kinda show. And there goes my diva day. No more lounging around sipping coffee...all I can think about is OUR closet and what a train wreck it is. And how I have to sort through it all. And pack. And purge. So I grab my coffee, head to the bedroom, turn on the telly so I can continue watching this now riveting show, (all good divas have a tv in every room) and I set to work.

I pull clothes out of everywhere. I separate, I box up my summer clothes, I scrounge up four bags of leftovers that can now make their way to charity, and I realize...I really need more princess moments in my life.

If I were a princess, someone else would be doing all this for me. I immediately flashback to spoiled socialite Erika from The Bachelor:Rome (truly, she did nothing but sully the reputation of divas everywhere) with her squeaky voice and her 'I-really-hope-there's-maid-service-here' remarks, and I feel somewhat better for doing it all myself. Would I turn down a free packing service? But there is some satisfaction in the final result and seeing it all done.

And for those of you worried for me, concerned that my number of princess moments are dropping into a critical zone - fret not. Shortly after I was finished my toils, my hubby came home with flowers, a kiss, and diet ginger ale. And then he made dinner. And it was really good.

All in all, those were some pretty great princess moments for one day, manual labour be damned.

And that's the daily dash. How's your diva doin?

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